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august fic rec

I've decided I'll try to have a fic rec every month and since I obviously haven't read all the good fic I'd love it if you could rec some of your favourites that I've missed in the comments. Especially this month!


by the cracks of his skin by alittlebitmaybe | r | harry/louis/liam, zayn/niall |warnings: self-harm, off-screen minor character death, lots of drug (ab)use and underage drinking, an inordinate amount of swearing, and maybe other things, i don't know | skins au |

He nudges Louis’s shoulder with his bare toe and there’s nothing, no response at all and Liam wants to leave him there, passed out and drooling in some stranger’s flat god only knows where, no money to his name and missing half an eyebrow and his trousers, because he’s had to deal with this too many times and he’s been to the clinic to sign Harry out too many times and he’s snuck Niall out of his house and he’s fought guys off of all of them in various states of debauchery and wastedness and he’s fucking done, really.

heart skips a beat by harriet_vane | teen and up audiences | liam/louis, harry/zayn | no archive warnings reply | uni au |

Harry always kisses everyone, until he starts something he can't finish. (a university au in which no one goes to class. I am noticing a trend)

the shape of tomorrow by matchsticks_p | r | zayn/danny (riach) | romance |

The only thing Zayn knows for sure is that long after everything else is gone, Danny will still be there.

don't let the high go to waste by mentalistecbm | nc-17 | louis/eleanor, louis/harry (side liam/zayn, important louis/zayn friendship) | no warnings | au |

orange stands for vitality and endurance. orange ignites sparks, and red has always been a catalyst for it. orange means finding happiness, and that is exactly what this is about.

inception!verse by an anon on the one direction kink meme | pg-13 | harry/louis | warnings: oral sex, light come play, harry's fucking mouth, mention of barebacking, mention of anal, americanisms, harry's fucking mouth | fill 2|

prompt: In which they are literally partners in crime. They're travelling on a train for some reason (maybe they're there to steal something important or.. yeah) when the police get a tip-off that they're on the train. Everything happens pretty fast, and Harry and Louis end up in the train's bathroom. Harry's convinced that the police'll bust them where they are, but Louis drops to his knees, whispering something to Harry about being extra loud. Because the police have no knowledge of a relationship, they'll immediately assume it's not the two of them.
Just, uh, I'll give you all the cookies in the world. Seriously. <3

i don't look innocent enough by iguessthati | pg-13 | ot5 | warnings: suicide | genderswap!au |

they're just five girls and the world's too big for them all to understand - things happen and drugs and drink can make those things seem like they've stopped.

ocean sequence: it's bad religion, to be in love with someone by wildefiree | r | liam/zayn, harry/louis | warnings: au, language, drug abuse, infidelity, angst | part 1 of 5 in the ocean sequence |

you’re my religion. you’re all i’ve got.
- a farewell to arms, ernest hemingway

ocean sequence: super rich kids with nothing but loose ends by wildefiree | r | harry/louis, liam/zayn | warnings: au, language, drug abuse, angst, infidelity | part 2 of 5 in the ocean sequence |

“show me a hero and i’ll write you a tragedy.”
– f. scott fitzgerald

state of flux by likecharity | nc-17 | One Direction/OFC, with strong OT5 undertones (particular focus on Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik/Liam Payne | warnings: group sex and a bit of open voyeurism/exhibitionism |

This girl has brought to light something none of them has ever really questioned before, something about their claustrophobic closeness that has always made people curious for reasons they never understood. Maybe they just assumed it was normal, in their own private, confusing little five-person world, but—maybe it's not.


So, I know not all of these are from August, but that's when I've read them so it sort of counts? Even though I haven't commented on all of these, it's only because I've had a very hectic month, I'm sorry, just know that I loved them!

If you want me to remove or change something by you on the list, just send me a message or comment and I'll do it asap!
Title:  well, you couldn't be that man that I adored
Pairing: Louis/Zayn
Word Count: 4 700 ish
Warnings: some homophobia, 2. person narrative
Disclaimer: This is my own fiction and I don't own the songs or the boys
Summary: We see Louis' and Zayn's relationship evolve through the years
A/N: This is a song!fic that includes all the songs from Up All Night. Title is from Torn because that seemed the most appropriate even though it's ~sligthly misleading. Comments are always lovely!

you’re special, you whisper almost as if it’s a secret. not knowing that later it would beCollapse )

Title: Once Again It’s Happening ( twice the pain, the suffering)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Harry/ Niall (Louis/Harry, Liam/Niall )
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 4 750
Warnings: Light swearing
Disclaimer: I do not own One Direction and this all fictional.
“We need to talk.” One of them would say and the other would nod. No other words needed to be exchanged, they understood.

but once ot twice a month harry or niall would corner the otherCollapse )

where the sun shines

Title: Where The Sun Shines 
Author: Henny4You
Character/Pairing: Louis/Zayn
Rating: G
Word Count: 152
Summary: Zayn just wants to sleep. Louis does not.

Author’s Note: Oh God. My first fan-fiction. So excited. It's just a drabble for the 1D100 comm. The challenge this week was Valentines :)

Louis' voice is clingy and Zayn can practically see the pout on his faceCollapse )


One Direction


where the sun shines | Louis/Zayn | PG
Zayn just wants to sleep. Louis does not. 


the bliss of those first couple of months | Harry/Louis | PG-13
Harry just wants to go back to when it was simple.

once again it's happening (twice the pain, the suffering) | Harry/Niall (Harry/Louis, Liam/Niall) | PG-13
“We need to talk.” One of them would say and the other would nod. No other words needed to be exchanged, they understood.

well, you couldn't be that man that I adored | Louis/Zayn | PG-13
We see Louis' and Zayn's relationship evolve through the years.